"So Clean, You'll Freak!"


An amazing attention to detail and meticulousness sets this business apart from it's competitors. This company was started to show customers what clean really looks like.

For example - some cleaning companies bleach bathrooms, which only covers stains. In short period of time, the stains and grime are back. We use special tools and disinfectants to remove lines, grime and build-up in toilets, sinks and showers. That is only one thing we do to ensure customer satisfaction, let us show you the rest.

The entire Clean Freak Staff are trained to produce the best results and held to the highest standards to provide services for your office, home or rental property. 

Bonus - we don't drain your bank account in the process.

Our sparkling cleanliness stems from our love of alleviating stress and bringing happiness to each and every one of our loyal customers.

After one visit, it'll be "So Clean, You'll Freak!" We do it right... The first time.